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A Letter From the Editor-in-Chief

I want to personally welcome my oncology friends and colleagues to The Oncology Connection newsletter. I am a nurse practitioner working in an academic cancer center, specializing in thoracic malignancies. Horizon CME has taken a keen interest in oncology education and approached a group of advanced practice providers (APPs) to help formulate and publish a quarterly newsletter. There are several goals and purposes for this newsletter.

One goal is to educate APP’s in oncology in a clear and concise format. In this ever-changing oncology diagnosis and treatment landscape, being up-to-date on clinically meaningful changes is important and vital to our practice. But it is a huge challenge, given the pace of changes and the complexity of oncology care. It is our mission to provide this information in a summarized, yet, meaningful way to APP oncology practice.

Another goal is to create an open forum for publishing and discussion on clinically relevant issues to you, as the reader, clinician, and researcher. The Oncology Connection will tackle clinical scenarios that may be less relevant or too casual for a peer-reviewed journal, however, still a topic that comes up in everyday practice and warrants discussion or opinion. While not research-focused, some of these topics are important factors in our professional practice, and this newsletter would like to serve as a forum to write and discuss these practical issues.

Lastly, this newsletter is a great way to “get your feet wet” in writing. The editorial board is rich with experience in publishing and will be happy to help new or junior authors with writing style and some general rules of publishing. The articles are generally short with no references (if not applicable) to just a few references maximum. We look forward to producing a relevant and useful quarterly newsletter for oncology APP’s to glance and read through for practical clinical updates or highlights from the Horizon Oncology APP regional conferences.

Much has changed since I originally wrote this welcome column. The COVID-19 pandemic hit and then the horrifying death of George Floyd has raised to the forefront racial divides and injustices across the United States. We will strive to address these topics into our healthcare conversation and articles in this newsletter.

Welcome and please feel free to submit articles, ideas, or any questions you may have to myself or our editorial team.