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New Drugs

Mobocertinib, a First-In-Class Oral Therapy for EGFR Exon 20 Insertion-Positive NSCLC

Christian Watts Pharm.D., MSHI Candidate, Larry Buie Pharm.D., BCOP, FCCP, FASHP, Beth Sandy, MSN, CRNP Christian Watts Pharm.D., MSHI Candidate, Larry Buie Pharm.D., BCOP, FCCP, FASHP, Beth Sandy, MSN, CRNP


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Fam-Trastuzumab Deruxtecan (Enhertu) for HER 2 Amplified Gastric Adenocarcinoma

Christina Bartholomew Christina Bartholomew

Although treatment strategies for patients with metastatic gastric cancer who have failed prior lines of therapy remain limited, novel agents such as trastuzumab deruxtecan (Enhertu), provide further options for patients with HER2-positive disease.

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Daratumumab Addition to Treatment of Immunoglobulin Light-Chain Amyloidosis (ANDROMEDA)

Marissa Duco, PharmD Marissa Duco, PharmD

Immunoglobulin light-chain (AL) amyloidosis is a malignancy of the plasma cells which express CD38 and produce misfolded proteins that lead to organ damage, primarily of the heart and kidneys. The standard treatment of AL amyloidosis is bortezomib, cyclophosphamide, and dexamethasone which is ...

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Sotorasib for KRAS G12C-Mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Tori Gray, PharmD Candidate & Megan B May, PharmD, BCOP Tori Gray, PharmD Candidate & Megan B May, PharmD, BCOP

Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is the third most common type of cancer in the Unites States (US). It is known to harbor many types of mutations, making it particularly difficult to define the best treatment algorithm for a patient, especially after first line treatment. Over the last few ...

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A Proven Strategy of Targeted Therapy: Antibody Drug Conjugates in Cancer Treatment

Samantha Musson, PharmD & Moe Schwartz, PharmD, BCOP Samantha Musson, PharmD & Moe Schwartz, PharmD, BCOP

The term “targeted therapy” in cancer refers to drugs or treatment strategies that direct anticancer treatment to specific genes or proteins that influence the growth, proliferation and/or survival of cancer cells.   Antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) are a targeted strategy that has rapidly evolved in ...

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Belantamab mafodotin for relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma (DREAMM-2)

Adam Kahleifeh, PharmD Adam Kahleifeh, PharmD

Multiple myeloma (MM) is a neoplasm characterized by the clonal proliferation of plasma cells that remains an incurable disease. The treatment of relapsed or relapsed/refractory MM continues to be a challenge despite numerous therapeutic advances. B-cell maturation antigen (BCMA) is a cell-surface ...

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Talking to your Patient about Biosimilar Medications

Justin Musco Justin Musco

Background and History Biological products or biologics are typically large, complex molecules made within a living system, such as an animal cell. Biologics are used to diagnose, prevent, treat, and cure diseases or medical conditions. Examples of biologics include therapeutic proteins like ...

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Erdafitinib for the Treatment of Urothelial Carcinoma

Donald C Moore Donald C Moore

Erdafitinib (Balversa®, Janssen Products, LP) is a novel fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) inhibitor recently approved by the FDA for the treatment of adult patients with locally advanced or metastatic urothelial carcinoma with a susceptible FGFR3 or FGFR2 genetic alteration who have ...

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Enfortumab vedotin-ejfv (PADCEV)

Grashma Vadakkel, PharmD Grashma Vadakkel, PharmD

Bladder cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the United States. Patients with locally advanced or metastatic disease have poor long-term survival, especially those who have progressed after chemotherapy and immunotherapy. A new agent, enfortumab vedotin-ejfv (PADCEV, Astellas Pharma US, Inc.), ...

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